Sea freight from China VS Air freight from China

China is one of the largest and most populated countries in the world. It is one of the largest producers in the world due to its large population. China is one of the world’s top economic powers and trades billions of dollars annually with powerful countries. Due to the large population, there is cheap labor in this country. Precisely for this reason, the prices of Chinese goods are much cheaper than similar foreign models. The reasonable price of Chinese goods has made trading with China a lucrative job. But what must be considered is the shipping of goods. China trade is done by sea freight and air freight. In this article, we look at the advantages and disadvantages of air freight from China VS sea freight from China. Also, introduce the most important ports and airports in China.

The final price of the goods

As we have said, Chinese goods are cheaper than their foreign counterparts. But the role of shipping in determining the final price of a product should not be ignored. Shipping is an inseparable part of trade and can significantly determine the price of a product. The best methods of transportation are sea freight from China and air freight from China. But each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages. You must first know the advantages and disadvantages of each method so that you can choose one of them according to your needs. If you have any other questions about shipping from China and shipping cost from China, you can get help from the consultants of C2M Global Chain Solutions.

Advantages of air freight

Air freight is very fast. If you are short on time and will be fined if you are late, it is better to use this method. In other methods of transportation, the product suffers a lot of damage. Impact injuries can even cause breakage and damage to the product. But in air freight, the percentage of damage to the goods is minimized.

Disadvantages of air freight

The biggest disadvantage of air freight is its high price. Most of the time, the cost of air freight is so high that traders give up this method. In addition, air freight has many volume and weight limitations. Air freight is mainly used to send expensive shipments and samples of goods. It is better to use sea freight to send bulky and heavy goods.

Advantages of sea freight

The most important advantage of sea freight is its very reasonable price. Because of the competition between large international shipping companies, the shipping rate is often fixed. In addition, these cargo ships have a very large capacity and each ship can carry a load of 200 to 500 thousand tons. Since all companies are obliged to comply with international laws in sea freight, the quality of sea freight is very high.

Disadvantages of sea freight

The first point that must be considered before choosing sea freight is the very low speed of this method. In addition to low speed, you should know that weather conditions have a great impact on sea freight. Factors such as storms or water freezing can disrupt offshore routes.

Chinese airports

If you choose air freight, you should know and be familiar with China’s major airports. In this section, we introduce 20 very important airports in China.

1- Guangzhou Baiyun  

2- Chengdu Shuangliu  

3- Shenzhen Baoan  

4- Chongqing Jiangbei  

5- Beijing Capital  

6- Kunming Changshui  

7- Shanghai Hongqiao  

8- Xi’an Xianyang  

9- Shanghai Pudong  

10- Hangzhou Xiaoshan  

11- Zhengzhou Xinzheng  

12- Nanjing Lukou  

13- Changsha Huanghua  

14- Xiamen Gaoqi  

15- Guiyang Longdongbao  

16- Haikou Meilan  

17- Beijing Daxing  

18- Sanya Phoenix  

19- Qingdao Liuting  

20- Harbin Taiping  

Chinese seaports

If time is not important to you and your first priority is to reduce shipping costs, you must have chosen the sea freight. Are you familiar with Chinese seaports? In this section, we introduce the most important seaports of China.

A reliable shipping company in China

Do not forget that the quality of services of each company is different and each shipping company has its own price. Before signing a contract with a shipping company, be sure to search and get enough information from each company. If you are looking for a reputable shipping company in China, you can use the services of ddpch trading company. Also, if you need a knowledgeable shipping agent in China, we can help you in C2M Global. For example, DHL and FedEx are the most famous shipping company in the world.

Last Word

In this article, we review air and sea freight from China along with their advantages and disadvantages. We also introduced the most important ports and airports in China. If you have any questions about importing from China, you can get help from the consultants of C2M Global Chain Solutions trading company.

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